Jul 9, 2008

Natural Sanctuary...

Despite the hectic lifestyle... ... well, just want to say i finally get my day off ...yippee.. where I can shout out loud, "Finally! A holiday!" ... had a holiday retreat few weeks ago with a group of friends to a small town in Perak. (errrmm not exactly small) but definetely way much better than being in KL. A city escape! A few days enjoying life doing nothing at all except sit and relax at my uncle's place. We really enjoyed the sumptous local food such as Chicken Rice, 'Hor Fun' and so much more..

During my trip to Perak, I get a chance to drop by at a few tourists attraction sites. We explored caves and other places around the heart of Perak. Among many others, is a visit
Taman D.R. Seenivasagam. The park is named after a prominent lawyer who found the Perak Progressive Party (PPP). Affectionately known Taman DR among locals, this recreational park is located in Ipoh, Perak. It was formerly known as Coronation Park. The place was picturesque.

Here are some of the scenic view that I managed to capture on film.. Hope you enjoy it. :-)

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