May 8, 2008

Another busy day

Although exam's over and the holidays had already begun, there's not much holiday mood in the air. Hehe. Maybe for me only. Really feel like doing nothing at all. Enjoy by being lazy.

I went to uni today. We have to prepare one or two songs to sing during the orientation. This new trend of singing to students to lift up their spirits started last semester. Then, it somehow turned into something like a tradition. Well, otherwise the students will be bored to death listening to talks the whole day. We were asked to perform again. XD.

Chosing a song can be a big headache sometimes. Anyway, after shortlisting the potential songs, we finally selected three. What song? Hehe.. It's for you to find out during the orientation. Hopefully, there won't be another shortcircuit or electricity breakdown on the actual day. After practicing the whole afternoon.. really don't feel like talking right now.. (+_+) Hehe.. Lost my voice a little and it sort of sound a bit coarsy right now.. Just want to give my poor voice box a short rest.

Besides that, I went to search for sponsors today. It was a tough job. There's so much to learn. Accompanied by another friend, we went to a few shops. But the persuasion was to no avail. Most refused while some will only give an answer later. Most probably there won't be any reply.

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